Plastic toys for European products must be banned from plasticizers

 Recently, the EU non-food rapid alert system (RAPEX) issued a consumer warning for two plastic toys made in China. The notified country of this case is Slovakia. The products notified this time are Girls Fashion dolls and pony suits, Devil plastic doll sets. The reason is that these toys contain diisooctyl phthalate (DEHP). All toys are banned from using phthalates according to REACH regulations.

    Phthalates are a class of chemicals that can soften and are common plasticizers in the plastics industry. They are widely used in toys, food packaging materials, daily necessities, and medical products. Soft plastic toys and children's products containing phthalates may be imported by children, causing the dissolution of phthalates to exceed safe levels and endangering children's liver and kidneys.

    In recent years, the number of reported cases of toys caused by excessive phthalate esters in China has been on the rise, which has a negative impact on the reputation of “Made in China”. In this regard, the inspection and quarantine department reminds the relevant toy enterprises: First, we must design the product well, control the production process, implement the product quality inspection, and conduct special evaluation and prevention on the possible problems. Second, we must strengthen the procurement of raw materials. Suppliers are strictly required from the aspects of safety and environmental protection, and if necessary, testing or requesting third-party inspection reports to exclude plasticizers from the source; third, we must learn and understand relevant national technical regulations and notification recall cases in a timely manner. Increase investment in technology and intellectual property, improve and improve product safety and quality, actively explore new product development and management ideas, and achieve healthy and sustainable development

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